Professional Bike Packaging

epic-cycle-professional-bike-packaging-214x500Traveling with your bike? We recommend always taking your bike with you on vacations. Get your miles in with your friends and family and burn the calories you’re sure to indulge in while spoiling yourself on your much-deserved vacation.

When you’re driving to your destination, it’s easy to carry your bike on a vehicle rack. When you fly, however, you must box your bike to get it to your destination. You will want adequate protection to safeguard your bike and if taking it on the plane with you, you’ll need to meet airline requirements for packaging. Once boxed, you can check the bicycle as luggage and take it with you so it arrives when you do. The airlines usually charge a fee for bicycles, so be prepared by checking with your carrier beforehand.

Another solution to avoid the airline fees and the hassle of checking in with your bike at the airport is to ship it with another carrier, such as UPS or FedEx. That way, the bike will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Whether you fly with your bike or ship it to your vacation destination, you can count on Epic Cycle to professionally package your bike to keep it safe. Contact us today and we’ll get your bike ready to go!