Suspension Services

suspension-service-1The suspension on your mountain bike provides you a more controlled and comfortable ride, even as you charge over the roughest terrain. It’s extremely important to maintain your suspension and get it serviced annually so that your bicycle is always performing at optimal levels.

suspension-service-2Why annually? The suspension oil breaks down within a year. Once it breaks down, it doesn’t perform as well and it can make the overall riding experience less enjoyable. Also, this preventative maintenance extends the life of the suspension system and helps you avoid costly repairs or entire rebuilds.

suspension-service-3Did you know that we are one of the only shops in the Chicago area certified in suspension tuning, service, and rebuilds? Suspension systems are the most service-intensive part of a bicycle, and many shops have to contract with another to get this specialized service done. At Epic Cycle and Fitness, our mechanics are certified from the Barnett Bicycle Institute in Suspension Service & Tuning. And they were trained on and have experience with both Rock Shox and Fox suspension systems. Because of this, we are able to provide you faster and less expensive suspension service than other shops.

suspension-service-4Do you have more questions about the benefits of suspension service or want to make an appointment? Stop by the shop, call 815-679-6334, or email us.