Jason H.

About two and a half years ago, I took the first steps in healthy living choices by changing my diet. This was going very well, but I found that about a year into the process, I had reached a plateau with my weight loss. The missing ingredient was exercise. Historically, this word has been synonymous with “boring” for me. I decided to go back to my childhood roots and so I looked into purchasing my Giant Revel II. I was familiar with the brand and knew that the list price as more competitive to other brands with the same product quality.

My pursuits of a Giant dealer lead me to Epic Cycle & Fitness and Mike Mrachek. I couldn’t have been lead to a better place to start this journey. Mike was very friendly and asked the right questions to understand my needs and make sure he got me on the right bike. I was so pleased with the customer support and quality I found at Epic that when my wife was ready for a new bike, I went straight to Epic. Once again, Mike was able to match my wife to the perfect bike.

Beyond just the purchase of our bikes, Epic has been great to help with the maintenance of my bike. I feel so at ease when I leave my bike with Epic, knowing that their staff’s knowledgeable is matched only by their skill in execution. They were able to help get my bike tuned exactly how I wanted it.

I recently inherited my grandfather’s Schwinn from 1952. I’ve begun the process of restoring this bike to a ride-able state. I know that my skills will only go so far, but I’m so glad to know that the staff at Epic can help me with the things that I cannot do on my own.

Thank you Epic!

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