Bill & Linda Y.

“Like most kids, I rode a tricycle, then a bicycle with training wheels, and finally a regular two-wheel bike–my world had opened up! But as I entered high school, my interest shifted from riding bikes to driving cars.

After I got married to my wife, Linda, we decided that riding bikes would be an enjoyable (and affordable) hobby. So, on our first wedding anniversary, we bought each other 10-speed bikes. We had great fun riding together for a number of years, but eventually the time we had been spending taking rides was traded with time spent raising children and maintaining a household. The bikes ended up hanging in three different garages over the years and were eventually donated to a charitable organization.

A couple of years ago, I retired, quit smoking and gained a few unwanted pounds. So, again, Linda and I found ourselves looking for something we could do together that would be fun, affordable, and healthy. Around the same time, Epic Cycle and Fitness had donated a bike to a fundraising event at the Prevail Crossfit gym where my wife was a member, thereby introducing us to Mike’s shop. So again the decision was made, and Linda and I purchased two bikes to celebrate another wedding anniversary; this time it was our 44th!

With Mike’s help, we chose the Giant Roam & Liv Rove. These hybrid bikes, designed to be ridden on- or off-road, were within our price range, shifted smoothly, and rode comfortably. We loved the bikes and rode about 1,300 miles the first summer and over 2,000 miles the following year.

During that second year, Linda and I decided to add clipless shoes and pedals to improved our cycling efficiency. These pedals allow us to not only push down on the pedals, but also pull up on them. Admittedly, the concept is a little scary at first, since you literally become attached to your bike. After one fall and another close call, we learned to be much more proactive in regards “un”clipping from our pedals. We also learned the importance of helmets–they are a MUST!

We had some other learnings as well, such as the idea that shorts or tights with padding makes longer rides MUCH more comfortable. And unless you enjoy walking your bike, it is best to know how to fix a flat tire and have a replacement tube, tools, and an air supply with you at all times. Linda and I learned this AFTER we had our first flat tire about 2 miles from our car. We have also found it helpful to have a bike carrier that allows us to bring our bikes to trails which are a bit farther from our house. This past January, we used our carrier to take our bikes to Florida where we rode on the Pinellas Trail in 70° weather.

As mentioned earlier, our original hybrid bikes are designed to be driven on- or off-road. Since 95% of our cycling has been on paved trails, we decided we wanted to try road bikes as they are both lighter and faster than our current bikes. So, again with Mike’s help, we selected a Giant Defy for me and a Liv Avail for Linda. We are still getting used to the new bikes, but so far, we are enjoying them and are hoping to ride even more miles this summer than last.

Surprisingly, we have met a number of people around our age or even older on the trails. It seems as if we have all come to the same conclusion: cycling is an activity that provides great exercise (both cardio and strength) with very little impact on joints and is fun to do with others, especially your spouse, children, and grandchildren!

We believe that you are never too old to try something new and look forward to seeing you on the trails this summer.”

-Bill & Linda Young

Have additional questions? Want to talk to Bill & Linda about their experiences? Let us know! Call the shop at 815-679-6334 or email us at info@epiccycleandfitness.com and we will arrange for you to meet them!

Courtney R.

Thanks again you both are awesome and have earned life long customers. I appreciate the way you take pride in your business, and you also don’t treat newer entry level road bikers less than. I can tell you how many times I have gone to places and I feel like I am less than because we cannot afford a $2,000 bike. Thanks again!

Jason H.

About two and a half years ago, I took the first steps in healthy living choices by changing my diet. This was going very well, but I found that about a year into the process, I had reached a plateau with my weight loss. The missing ingredient was exercise. Historically, this word has been synonymous with “boring” for me. I decided to go back to my childhood roots and so I looked into purchasing my Giant Revel II. I was familiar with the brand and knew that the list price as more competitive to other brands with the same product quality.

My pursuits of a Giant dealer lead me to Epic Cycle & Fitness and Mike Mrachek. I couldn’t have been lead to a better place to start this journey. Mike was very friendly and asked the right questions to understand my needs and make sure he got me on the right bike. I was so pleased with the customer support and quality I found at Epic that when my wife was ready for a new bike, I went straight to Epic. Once again, Mike was able to match my wife to the perfect bike.

Beyond just the purchase of our bikes, Epic has been great to help with the maintenance of my bike. I feel so at ease when I leave my bike with Epic, knowing that their staff’s knowledgeable is matched only by their skill in execution. They were able to help get my bike tuned exactly how I wanted it.

I recently inherited my grandfather’s Schwinn from 1952. I’ve begun the process of restoring this bike to a ride-able state. I know that my skills will only go so far, but I’m so glad to know that the staff at Epic can help me with the things that I cannot do on my own.

Thank you Epic!

Jon F.

Epic Cycle is exactly what you want in a local bike shop. I was first introduced to Mike and Epic while shopping for my wife’s first road bike. After 5 minutes of discussing our needs with Mike I knew we would be purchasing a bike from Epic. The level of attention and time Mike spent with us was something we had never experienced in a bike shop. Mike genuinely cared about finding the right bike for my wife, not just selling us one. We have since moved away from the McHenry area but we still consider Epic to be our local bike shop. Thanks For Everything Mike!

Greg K.

As someone who likes to do research before making a major purchase, there are a few qualities I look for from any store/salesman; honesty, quality, selection and competitive pricing. Epic Cycle & Fitness in McHenry exceeded my expectations on every level!

After many years of not riding a bike, I decided it was time to purchase a new one and hit the trails once again. Several individuals, including my brother, told me to stop by Epic. While I live in Grayslake and there are other bike shops much closer, I decide to drive out one afternoon with the intention of seeing what Epic had to offer based on the positive comments I received.

As someone who was not an avid bike rider, walking into a bike store can be a little overwhelming. When I walked in the store, I was immediately greeted by the owner Mike. Mike took that feeling and immediately made me feel at ease as I walked around the shop not really knowing what I was looking for. He took the time to explain the difference in the bikes (tires, gears, ride comfort etc.) and in a matter of minutes I felt I was a bike expert!

Mike pulled six different bikes off the racks, took them outside and let me ride around the parking lot and in the gravel area behind the building to see how the bikes responded and how I felt on each. I had no clue there was such a difference between bikes until I tested them all. After about 30 minutes of riding around (I was having fun), I finally found the bike that was perfect for me (Mike you can insert the bike year/model I got here if you want)!

Mike brought the bike back into the shop, took the time to explain to me how it worked, showed me routine maintenance I could do at home and gave me a few riding tips. I soon realized I also needed a helmet, light, water bottle and lock. Mike never tried to over sell these products and just like the bike, didn’t push the expensive accessories.

Not only did Mike make me feel like an old friend while I was at Epic, he went above and beyond my expectations in making sure I purchased a bike I would be happy with for many years!

After I left Epic, I immediately called my brother to thank him for the outstanding recommendation, went home, put on my helmet, filled my water bottle and hit the trails behind my house! I’m looking forward to many more great rides thanks to Mike and the employees at Epic! Just like my brother did, I too am telling people looking for a bike they can’t find a better place to go than Epic Cycle & Fitness in McHenry!

Eric B.

Epic Cycle is no doubt my go to shop in the area. I’ve been a customer here for a few years and have no complaints. They’ve helped me out with special orders, repairs and yes, a bike. The shop has a nice selection of just about whatever you may need and if they don’t have it, talk to Mike and he’ll hook you up. The store has a very casual atmosphere and there’s limited sales pressure. They let you browse around without hounding you, but are certainly more than happy to take the time to answer any and all questions – all you have to do is ask!

I actually meet Mike (the owner) at a workday to help maintain some of the local trails. It’s nice knowing the shop not only helps people to get on a bike, but play a role in helping maintain / create places for everyone to ride.

Heather A.

I had a wonderful experience with Mike at Epic Cycle and Fitness with bike purchases for both my husband and I. We are recreational riders, and it was so nice to know that we were not being sold more than we need for our abilities. I will definitely be back to purchase bikes for my kids.

Kari S.

I recently purchased a bike from Epic Cycle and Fitness and was so impressed with the level of service and care that was taken in the sales process with me. Mike got to know my needs and abilities and was able to fit me with the perfect bike. I highly recommend Epic Cycle and Fitness for your next bike purchase or maintenance on your current bike. Their service is outstanding!